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Gail Morecambe
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Gail on the Move

About Gail Morecambe

Gail started Morecambe Moments some years after her father's sudden death in 1984 and says that it could not have been done during her father's life time. The reasons for that are probably quite deep, but after his death, quite simply, this is Gail's personal tribute to her dad. A number of years ago Gail was asked by a friend to do a talk at a charity dinner. "I looked blankly at him and said What about?". He, of course, said "Your dad!"

Little did Gail expect that this would be the start of another career. The continued interest in her dad has meant that Gail is now being kept very busy speaking with all sorts of groups across the country with bookings being made up to 3 years in advance! "I really enjoy doing them, spreading some of dad's sunshine and meeting new people. I am sure that my dad would be delighted with all of this!"

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